How to choose a good-looking large size women's skirt

1. The length of the skirt
  How long is a skirt suitable for fat people? It depends on the degree of obesity of your legs. If it’s just thick thighs, then choose a skirt around the knee. If even the calf is fleshy, then choose a long skirt. Choose chiffon or organza for the skirt. The characteristics of this material are relatively light, good drape, not too fluffy and fat.

2. Color selection
  What color clothes do fat people wear to look thin? Regarding the choice of color, many fat mm may know that dark colors (shrinking colors) are thinner, and bright colors (expanding colors) are fatter. Some fat mm always like to wear black up and down. From the visual effect, they are thinner. It makes you look thin, but sometimes such a combination can make people feel dull and monotonous, and also make people feel unconfident.
Large size contrast dress
The correct matching method is to choose the matching of bright colors and dark colors, such as bright colors on the upper body and dark colors on the lower body; another example is a black dress, a pair of red high heels, or a red thin belt, or a red lip gloss... Many, with the use of color matching, you can look good and look thin. Try to hit the color more.

3. The version of the skirt
  When choosing a skirt, pay special attention to the version. Generally, the waist, hips and legs are relatively fat, so it is recommended for fat people to choose waist A-line skirt. The version of the A-line skirt will gradually expand outward at the waist where there is more fat accumulation, so that it can be well covered. The fleshy waist and hips are both thin and beautiful. Note that if the waist-retracting effect of the skirt is not obvious, you can wear a belt around the waist (the thinner the better), so that the waist line is more obvious, and it can be thinner.

4. Choose sleeves or sleeveless
  When choosing dresses, many people habitually prefer to choose skirts with sleeves. They think that they can cover the fleshy upper arms. If they choose sleeveless ones, they will expose the fleshy upper arms. That's not wrong, but that way. There is also a big disadvantage to doing this, that is, wearing clothes with sleeves will visually widen the width of the shoulders, making the upper body stronger. In fact, if you don’t have the kind of wrinkled fat on your arms, it’s better to choose sleeveless clothes and look thinner. Especially for this hot summer, one less piece of fabric will give you another degree of coolness. .