How to match plus size women's clothing

1. The neckline of the clothes:

   the neckline of the bottoming shirt cannot be high, and the chain bone socket is also covered, which is not conducive to being thin. Due to the fat on the chin, the neck is generally short, and then wear this kind of high Neckline clothes will appear to have a shorter neck. As soon as the neck becomes shorter, the person will also become shorter, and becoming shorter means getting fatter. You can wear some clothes with a low neckline, such as a V-shaped neckline. This is a small technique with a good slimming effect.

Summary: Usually wear more clothes with a large neckline, and less clothes with a high neckline. If you must wear clothes with a high neckline, then it is necessary to wear a long necklace around your neck, which is thin and can focus your vision Move up, a good technique to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Black short leather jacket:
  a. Because the leather jacket is short, it improves the waistline very well. The high waistline can stretch the body shape, the visual height becomes higher, and the person will become visually thinner.
  b. The visual contrast between the open leather jacket and the gray bottoming shirt. This combination of outer depth and inner lightness makes the gray bottoming shirt inside form a vertical vertical line, which visually makes people feel that the upper body has shrunk because of others. His vision will be shifted to the gray bottoming shirt that reflects more intense light, while ignoring the outer leather jacket.

Summary: A short top can make a high waist line, which can visually stretch the body line, and people will become thinner when they become taller. Using the combination of outer depth and inner lightness can create the vertical vertical line of the body, which is a kind of visual illusion use, which can play a good role in showing thinness.

3. Black slim-fit over-the-knee skirt:

  First, the over-the-knee skirt can cover all the thick thighs, while leaving the thinner legs, it will also show the legs neatly. What should be exposed is what should be covered. Cover up. If you choose a short skirt, thick thighs will be exposed, unless you have full courage. The slim middle skirt shrinks from the crotch all the way down, making the legs very thin. If you choose an A-line skirt, because the model has a larger crotch, wearing an outwardly extending A-line skirt will only make the lower body wider. , The use of a slim mid-skirt will give people a feeling of "although fat, but the proportions are good". It turns out that fat people can also be bumpy.

Summary: When wearing a skirt, choose a mid-length skirt that is over the knee, a slim-fit skirt for a wide hip, and an A-line skirt for a small hip. If you can choose a darker color instead of a lighter color, lighter colors will look better than darker ones. It will swell up.